Wednesday, 17 June 2009


We had a fantastic response to our stand and we could have sold out if we had been a sales table! Lots of people had already seen the D-A-M-E website before the show so it was nice to see what they thought of our wonderful group.
A huge thank you has to go to Beverley Read and her cousin Eileen for manning the stand all day. Also thanks to Roz for organising the promotional items, sign and bringing every ones items to the show and Helena for making the stand and bringing the cloth lol!
It was a group effort and lots of our members sent items and helped to make a display we could be really proud of so a huge thank you to each and every one.
It was lovely at the end of the day when Andy Hopwood told us D-A-M-E was an asset to the show, it really made all the hard work and effort involved worthwhile. Again a huge thank you to Andy and all the Miniatura team for their continued support.
We recently had this email from Miniatura with permission to use it on our website, we thought you may be interested to see what they think of our group...
As organisers of Miniatura we are always keen to encourage new makers into the hobby, after all many of the people who 'have a go' today are the artists of tomorrow. Organisations like D.A.M.E. are aspirational without being exclusive. This strikes a good balance, getting new makers to try their hand, have somewhere to show and get feedback whilst still striving for high quality across the board. This approach is very much in accordance with Miniatura's attitude and we are delighted to offer space to D.A.M.E. to display the work of existing members and encourage new ones.
You will see D.A.M.E. at all Miniatura shows:
Saturday 13th June 2009 - Murrayfield Stadium, Murrayfield, Edinburgh
October 3rd & 4th 2009 - NEC, Birmingham
March 27th & 28th 2010 - NEC, Birmingham
More details can be found at

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

D-A-M-E stand at Scottish Miniatura

We are all looking forward to this weekend when we will be displaying D-A-M-E members work at Scottish Miniatura this Saturday! Lots of our members have sent work as it is a fantastic chance to show off what we do.
We will take lots of pictures to show you all :o) The stand is being made by Helena of Solway Miniatures and the stand will be run by Beverly Read and Roz of Lilyelf Miniatures. A huge thank you to all who have taken the time to send items or work on organising the event. We would also again like to thank Andy Hopwood and the Miniatura team who have been not only helpful, but also very supportive.
We have also been offered a Miniatura stand at the Autumn and Spring shows in Birmingham so if you can't make the Scottish one, maybe you can come and say hello at one of these events.
Helena Solway Miniatures and Aidy Lilyelf Miniatures are also running workshops at the Scottish show. See link for details
We always welcome new members and we are open to any miniaturist be they professional, novice, enthusiast or a collector. All areas are covered from dolls, food, flowers, furniture and well everything! We are a very friendly and helpful bunch!
On that note we would like to say a huge welcome to our 5 new members. We are happy to have you all come and join us!