Tuesday, 7 April 2009

D-A-M-E is a wonderful group to be involved with and we wanted to share a little part of our group with you!

We are open to anyone who loves all things miniature be they professional artists or enthusiast members. Currently we have lots of branches of our group in order to promote the fabulous work of each member but also to publicise the miniature hobby.

We are going from strength to strength and just recently had a wonderful time at miniatura where we had our own group stand. All members who attended the show had a great time and those who had to stay at home got to see all the pictures and hear all the tales!

We have had a wonderful response to our group from fair organisers, magazines and the public. We have added a new social network site which is free to join and have since gained some new members from as far away as Canada ;o)

Our enthusiast members love to share their collections and become inspired by all the new miniatures they get to see, often before anyone else sees them! Most of the time we get to see each others work before it even goes on sale...a great way to be the first in the queue to get that item you just need to own!

Novice members are often encouraged to take a leap into making their own items with lots of tips, hints and advice on hand to help them along the way!

We are a very friendly and supportive group and are always happy and willing to help and encourage other members. We all love our daily fix on the forum the only problem is...we spend hours chatting and not enough time working!


  1. May I add my comments about a couple of D-A-M-E members and their work.
    An artisan really worth looking for is Jenny Kelm.
    Jenny makes the most unusual miniatures - 3D portaits [of witches, fairies, crazy professors and so on], bookcases jam packed with wicked contents, jars filled with the weird and wonderful . . .
    Jenny's work encompasses the 'spooky' or just 'different'; quirky miniatures to add interest to the dolls' house attic basement, or wherever you'd like something eye-catching and unusual.
    Jenny is a member of DAME and has a website - Kastle Kelm Miniatures - well-worth taking a look see :)

  2. Also, I love Joy Cox's work, with its distinctive character. All Joy's work is unmistakeable by the fond good humour and gentleness that shines through each doll.
    I have to say that I also admire (greatly) Joy’s ability to create new work regularly, in contrast to my endless dithering about and consequent lack of production

  3. Jenny Kelm’s has new ~ her first, believe it or not ~ full sculpts, They are Brian Froud, Arthur Rackham, and Jenny’s unique take on witches, goblins and similar imaginative characters. They exude a charm of their own, are exquisite pieces, and show what are true artist can create without humming and hahing as I do.

  4. Congratulations to DAME member Eileen Sedgwick who is now a member of the British Toymaker's Guild